A Manager’s perspective.

Re; INTO HAPPY HAVENS. To./ dennis.s.coatesgmail.wordpress.com From Dennis Coates. Re; Blog `105


I manage a staff of 80 in my Happy Haven Hotel. I know some of them better than others and I always meet and greet all newcomers.

I have departmental team leaders who manage Reception, House, Food and Bev, Accounts , Night shift, Maintenance and Security. I have 2 assistant managers. Between us, we account to Head Office every week of my life.

Like all bosses, I have a boss. He is called Walther. He owns and directs 55 hotels in the U.K. I met him once and he gave me 4 rules to abide by; .

1…The time to resign is when a jobis done. Never before..

* 2. Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep.

* 3. Never make a threat you don’ intend to carry out.

* 4 Never start something you don’t intend to finish.

 Before I can succeed, all my colleagues should know just where we are all going and how we are doing. The discussions which take place at in-house level are not about Return on Capital, shareholders grumbles bankers whinges or executive rivalry. I have to insulate them from all that and bring it down to our level..

When the Head of House, with mostly female staff asks her crew to rally round and make an extra efforts to support a distressed colleague for a short time, she makes a meaningful contribution to the whole enterprise (which is not measurable), her effort can and must be acknowledged. That recognition can only come from me.

The same recognition must be given to the kitchen brigades whose workload acn easily double when weddings and banquets have to be served. We bring in extra waitresses to serve these meals and I keep my fingers crossed that they will arrive at the expected time with the correct quota of hands.

I am not alone in seeking and retaining highly skilled leaders for fairly junior posts. One good section leader can transform the business with innate leadership skills. I seek such people all the time. Many who are often taken for granted by their organisations just leave. All good managers have their own teams who move with them to a better? job. * Extract from Into Happy Havens p. 259.


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